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ArtJohn creates YouTube tutorials to share well tested art activities and tips based on over a decade of arts education experience.


These simple activities produce great results and are designed to help develop a wide range of skills and increase confidence in both the student and the teacher.

You can visit his channel by clicking here

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John Mayson is an experienced artist and artist educator working across the United Kingdom. 

The name ArtJohn was given to him by the local school community during his twelve years as the Artist In Residence at Manorfield Primary School in Poplar, East London.  

Who Is Artjohn?



Paul Jackson, Head Teacher at Manorfield Primary School

It was a great pleasure to work with John. His input into whole - school developments was invaluable. John has excellent relationships with the whole school community - Leaders, teachers, governors, parents and most importantly pupils.

He was able to get the very best from pupils in their language and creative work. John helped improve Manorfield in many ways, through encouraging creative thinking and through physical art he taught pupils and staff to produce. I thoroughly recommend John and feel he will bring value to any school, educational or creative project he is involved in. 

Rob Smith, Head of Education & Learning, Bow Arts Trust

John is a leading and well respected artist educator. He has inspired countless children, young people, teachers and educators across the arts and education fields. He brings life and enthusiasm to his work, offering the most creative ideas, but always grounded in practical solutions through is extensive experience.


John never shies away from a creative challenge, and is always at the forefront of raising expectations of the creative achievements children and young people are capable of. 

Iain Hunter, Deputy Head, Houldsworth Valley Primary Academy 

Having worked with John in many capacities over many years I can absolutely endorse his work at all the levels he undertakes. As a teacher of art, I have never worked with someone with as much passion and talent. His style of teaching and manner of delivery not only inspires the children in his charge, but also facilitates work at a level that is beyond comprehension. 


Interested in discussing a future project? Contact ArtJohn here

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