Magic Lanterns Animations at Kensington Palace


The Leeds Piano Trail 2018
Amazon Mural
Bespoke canvas painting for Immanual & St Andrew Primary School
Teviot Mural
Community mural commissioned by Teviot Centre in Poplar, East London
Tales From The Shed
Manorfield teaching staff read their favourite story for children to watch online at home.
Creative Literacy Space
A space in school designed to support creative literacy.
Scale Model Of Manorfield Primary
A scale model made by pupils of Manorfield's new school building
Y6 Pupil Protest Art
Typographic inspirational messages made by Y6 Pupils
Magic Lantern Animations
Animations made using handmade Magic Lanterns at Kensington Palace
Manorfield Animation Project
A series of stop frame animations made with Y6 pupils from 2009 - 2015
EYFS Printmaking
Silkscreen, Lino and vegetable prints made by Reception pupils
Rubber Sculptures
A series of rubber sculpture panels cast by pupils to show local historical events
Bespoke Classroom Signs
Hand painted class name signs for Manorfield Primary and Immanuel & St Andrew Primary
Y4 Acetate Self Portraits
Portraits made by Y4 pupils using photography, Acrylic Paints and acetate.
Cranmer Primary Murals
Bespoke murals created for Cranmer Primary School
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