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Over the past decade, ArtJohn has provided creative CPD sessions for schools across Newham and Tower Hamlets  for the Bow Arts Trust, and in Skipton, North Yorkshire,  for Craven College.  


These sessions have focused on many aspects of the school curriculum, including creative literacy, creative science, creative displays and an introduction session on how to use inspiration from artists and designers to support a creative classroom.  


The sessions are always participatory based, with simple but effective skills and activities that can be taken back to the classroom/organisation stress free and immediately. They are always built on experience, with the actvities tried and tested. 

In 2018 ArtJohn will be working with the brilliant arts and education orginsation IVE, the Arts Council bridge organisation for Yorkshire and Humber, to provide a series of visual arts CPD sessions for schools across the region. 

ArtJohn is available for twilight sessions and half and full day inset sessions.  

CPD sessions are very much a process of listening to what the school/organisation needs and wishes to happen, so if you would like to discuss possible ideas, future CPDs or the needs of your organisation, please feel free to contact ArtJohn here.

Stencil Art
Animation Clay Head
Mathematical Sand Art
Turner Art
Pendulum Painting
Pendulum Painting
Optical Illusions
Tin Foil Figure Making
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