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Magic Lanterns At Kensington Palace

During October half term 2017, ArtJohn worked in Queen Victoria's bedroom in the historic Kensington Palace, London. Using an original Magic Lantern on display as inspiration, ArtJohn worked with visitors of all ages to make Georgian era animations using hand made cardboard Magic Lanterns.


Visitors were encouraged to draw backgrounds using marker pens on long thin strips of acetate plastic. The background strips could then be passed through a fixed image in the Magic Lantern to project animations onto the walls. Visitors were encouraged to play with the equipment and film the animations on their mobile phones.  This project was part of the Big Draw 2017.

Scroll through the image below to see an example of some of the animations. 

Queen Victoria's Bedroom!

Homemade Magic lantern

Projected animation

1st Magnifying Glass


Image on Clear OHP Plastic

2nd Magnifying Glass

Projected Image

Magic Lantern Animations at Kensington Palace

Magic Lantern Animations at Kensington Palace

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