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The Creative Literacy Space

In 2011 ArtJohn worked with a pupil-led team and Deputy Head Teacher Vicky Early to design and create a dedicated creative literacy space for Manorfield Primary School. The space was designed to be unusual and a place where pupils could experience literacy outside of the normal classroom environment. Pupils could read in the grass lined garden shed (with torches in the dark if they wanted to) or they could read in the sponge filled bathtub (with a privacy shower curtain if they wanted their own reading space). The room also featured a beach and a washing machine filled with words. Pupils could hang the words from on a washing line to create their own short poems. 

The space doubled up a filming studio for the Manorfield Y6 animation project and Tales From The Shed and was also used as a base for Manorfield's Art school (2011 - 2014), a pupil led art group that used the space as a studio during lunchtimes. 

Creative Literacy reading shed
Creative literacy Artjohn
Creative literacy Artjohn
Animation Artjohn Manorfield
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