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Year 6 Animation Project 2009 - 2015

In 2009 ArtJohn and Manorfield assistant head teacher, Jo Castro, created the Year 6 Animation project. The aim of the project was to build confidence for pupils, give pupils a taste of project based and collaborative work ahead of their secondary school transition and proved space and time for them to reflect on their progress and achievements at Manorfield.  We did this by using the time after the SATs to create a series of high end animations made by the pupils, ArtJohn, the class teacher and the class support staff. These short films would be premiered at their 'Oscars' leaving ceremony, where pupils would dress up, celebrate their time at Manorfield Primary School and each receive a memory stick with a copy of the films. 

The projects was a huge success and became a much anticipated event to the younger pupils. Between 2009 and 2015, 63 films were made, 2 of which were nominated in the Spotlight Film Awards. Each year the films grew in ambition and scale and so in 2015 the project was supported with the help of the Bow Arts Trust and animator James Price. 

Yr 6 Animation Project

Yr 6 Animation Project

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Pupil animating Artjohn Manorfield Primary School
Dragonframe Pupil Manorfield Primary Schoo Animating editing Artjohn storyboard editing young person
Anish Kapoor animation stopframe Artjohn manorfield primary school
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