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Rubber Wall Sculptures 

In 2008 ArtJohn worked with Year 6 pupils at Manorfield Primary School to create a series of wall based sculptures depicting significant points in the schools local history. The sculptures came out of several weeks of research by pupils, which they then turned into simple drawings. Using a variety of techniques and objects, the drawings were printed into clay beds and then cast in rubber. The idea was that as young pupils walked past the work, they could touch and play with the sculptures to learn about the local area. 

The rubber sculptures were exhibited in the Tower of London soon after completion and were also exhibited in Bromley Hall (featured in the sculptures as Henry VIII's hunting lodge) during Open House London, 2008. 

Casting rubber clay wwII blitz ArtJohn Manorfield
Henry VIII History sculpture ArtJohn Poplar East London
Henry VIII Tudor Lodge Popar East London Artjohn
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