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Teviot Mural

In 2011 ArtJohn was commissioned by the Teviot Community Centre in Poplar, East London to design and produce a large scale mural on an unused wall in their multi-sports court. The idea was to create the illusion that through the broken wall a forest of fantastical Poplar trees is revealed. After local public consultation the painting was completed over a week. The painting was supported by local children who helped by using stencils to paint the fallen leaves on the floor. 

Teviot centre mural ArtJohn
ArtJohn painting Teviot mural stencil spray paint yellow
Teviot Mural ArtJohn Art John Poplar East London
Harca Life Magazine ArtJohn Teviot Mural Poplar East London
young artists spray painting Teviot Mural with ArtJohn
Teviot Mural featured in local newspaper, our east end, East End Life
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